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Rose Anne Osamba, a distinguished IT and business strategy figure, has made significant contributions through her management roles and as an entrepreneur. Based in Ashburn, VA, her journey from an academic achiever to a leader in the technology sector showcases her dedication and expertise.

Early Life and Education

Rose's educational journey began at the University of Texas, where she pursued a Bachelor's degree in Mass Communications and Media Studies, graduating in 1997. Her academic pursuits didn't stop there. With a vision to blend communication skills with business acumen, she furthered her education at the MIT Sloan School of Management, earning an executive certificate in Business Innovation and Applications. These academic experiences laid the groundwork for her future roles in IT and management.

Career Milestones

Building a Professional Foundation

Her career significantly turned in 2006 when she joined a government entity. Here, she honed her skills in business and compliance, playing a pivotal role in overseeing these functions. Her expertise in Federal Acquisition Regulations became evident as she adeptly managed legal documentation, reviewed contracts, and ensured seamless compliance in both pre-and post-award stages.

Entrepreneurial Leap: Founding Cellentia Information Technology

In 2016, leveraging her rich experience and strategic insights, Rose Anne founded Cellentia Information Technology(TM). As the President of this venture, she has been instrumental in delivering top-notch IT consulting services to a diverse client base in the public and private sectors. Under her leadership, Cellentia Tech has forged strategic partnerships with leading technology firms like Cisco, Dell, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and IBM, further cementing its position in the industry.

Professional Accolades and Certifications

Complementing her hands-on experience, Rose Anne Osamba's professional insight is backed by various certifications. She is a VMware Certified Professional and holds certifications in Dell Data Center, Dell PowerEdge VRTX, and Blade Server Solutions. These credentials highlight her commitment to continuous learning and her versatility in the ever-evolving field of technology.

Current Role

Since June 2015, Anne has been at the helm of Cellentia Information Technology as its President. Her approach as a high-energy executive is marked by her ability to lead companies through challenges to achieve profitable growth. Her strategic problem-solving skills and expert knowledge in government contracting and compliance law have been pivotal in the company's success.

Personal Life and Interests

Away from the demanding world of IT and management, she enjoys a life rich with personal interests and pursuits. She is an avid reader and enjoys traveling, which offers relaxation and gives her fresh perspectives and ideas that she brings back to her professional life. Her involvement in local community services and charities reflects her commitment to giving back to society.

Rose Anne Osamba's journey from a promising student to a dynamic leader in the IT industry exemplifies her unwavering dedication and exceptional skill. Her ability to seamlessly blend academic knowledge with practical experience makes her a notable figure in her field. As she continues to lead and innovate, her story serves as an inspiration to aspiring professionals worldwide.

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Rose Anne Osamba

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