About Me

Rose Anne Osamba is a prominent IT and business strategy figure. Her career, marked by significant roles in management and as a successful entrepreneur, is rooted in Ashburn, VA. Her transition from academic excellence to a leadership role in the tech industry is a testament to her commitment and expertise.

Early Life and Education

Rose's academic path commenced at the University of Texas, where she completed her Bachelor's in Mass Communications and Media Studies in 1997. Not resting on her laurels, she sought to merge her communication talents with business savvy. She advanced her education at the MIT Sloan School of Management, securing an executive certificate in Business Innovation and Applications. These educational experiences provided a solid foundation for her subsequent IT and management endeavors.

Building a Professional Foundation

2006, her career trajectory shifted when she joined a government contracting company. Here, she sharpened her skills in business and compliance, crucially managing these areas. She emerged as an expert in Federal Acquisition Regulations, skillfully handling legal documents and contract reviews and ensuring compliance in both the pre-and post-award phases.

Entrepreneurial Leap: Founding Cellentia Information Technology

2016 marked a pivotal year for Rose Anne Osamba, as she established Cellentia Information Technologyâ„¢. As its President, she has been pivotal in offering exceptional IT consulting services to various clients in the public and private sectors. Under her guidance, Cellentia Tech has formed strategic alliances with major tech firms, including Cisco, Dell, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and IBM, solidifying its industry standing.

Professional Accolades and Certifications

Several certifications complement her hands-on experience. She is a VMware Certified Professional and has certifications in Dell Data Center, Dell PowerEdge VRTX, and Blade Server Solutions. These qualifications underscore her commitment to continuous learning and adaptability in the dynamic tech field.

Current Role

Since June 2015, Anne has been leading Cellentia Information Technology as its President. Known for her dynamic executive style, she adeptly guides companies through challenges toward profitable growth. Her skills in strategic problem-solving and her deep understanding of government contracting and compliance law have been crucial to the company's achievements.

Personal Life and Interests

Outside her demanding IT and management roles, she leads a fulfilling personal life. She is an enthusiastic reader and traveler, finding relaxation and inspiration in these activities, which she then integrates into her professional sphere. Her involvement in local community services and charities demonstrates her dedication to societal contribution.

Rose Anne Osamba's evolution from a promising student to a dynamic IT industry leader highlights her steadfast dedication and remarkable abilities. Her fusion of academic learning with practical experience makes her a distinguished figure. Her ongoing leadership and innovation continue to inspire professionals globally.


Rose Anne Osamba